Advantages of Lahti

  – Arena of opportunity.

Room for new businesses and bold ideas

The Lahti Business Region is an attractive and evolving business environment that is ready for new experiments and bold ideas. The area has seen many success stories and brands significant by inter­national standards, both in the past and in the present.
Future success is based on a strong can-do attitude and positive attitude towards change.

Four good reasons to relocate to the Lahti region

Growth centre with a population of more than 200,000.

Efficient location. 
Quick routes to harbours and an inter­national airport.

Finland’s youngest UNIVERSITY CITY. 
A total of 25,000 students.


Cost-efficient combination. Saving you money and time.

“Lahti is practically a part of the Helsinki metro­politan area already.
The heart of the capital is less than an hour away by train, and it takes approximately 50 minutes by car to get to the airport. Soon these journeys will take even less time.” 

- Mayor of Lahti  Pekka Timonen

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