Cost benefits

Relocate and save money

By relocating to the Lahti region, you save money and time – and get a leg up on your competitors. Business premises, plots, labour costs, housing and recreation are clearly more affordable in Lahti than in the Helsinki metro­politan area. The distances are short, and the clients and partners based in the Helsinki metro­politan area are less than an hour away by train.

25 %

rent prices


of the
domestic market
within 150 km

Average price of housing

 Eur 1,900/ m2


availability of



“Our German owner required clear and numerical justi­fications to support the decision. The Lahti region and Hollola were clearly the best option.”

- Marko Mölsä, Layher Oy

More affordable premises and plots

The rental prices of business premises and the price level of plots are signi­ficantly lower in the Lahti region than in the Helsinki region and the rest of Southern Finland; on average, the rental prices of business premises are 25 % lower than in the Helsinki metro­politan area.

The Lahti region offers high-quality premises and plots as solutions that can be customised according to the needs of businesses. Another source of cost savings is the housing prices in the Lahti region, as they are signi­ficantly lower than in the Helsinki metro­politan area and elsewhere in Southern Finland.


The right location brings savings

Location matters. The Lahti region is densely built, and everything is located within a short distance in the region. Businesses operating in the Lahti region gain efficiency and cost benefits thanks to the ease of travel within the area, the proximity of the Helsinki metro­politan area and fast transport connections there, as well as the solid range of services and business networks available within the region. Customers are within easy reach; 80% of the Finnish market operates within a radius of 150 kilometres, and every corner of Finland can be reached within a day. The Helsinki metro­politan area, an inter­national airport and ports are within an hour’s journey.


Lahti-Helsinki motorway exits, Luhta Torni in the foreground, Renkomäki area in the background.
Mukkula's modern campus is built in the old premises of the furniture manufacturer Isku. The campus operates, for example, LAB University of Applied Sciences and LUT University. In the picture Isku's furniture and a group of people.

Skilled, committed team – a factor in the business’s success

Approximately 25,000 students study at LUT University, LAB University of Applied Sciences, Salpaus Further Education and other educational insti­tutions annually. The daily commuter area is wide, covering places such as the Helsinki metro­politan area, Kouvola and Hämeenlinna. The range of education options and wide, functional commuter area together ensure the availability of labour.
The Lahti region provides skilled people with the services and recreational oppor­tunities of a major city, as well as diverse housing options and consi­derably lower housing costs than the Helsinki metro­politan area, for example. Businesses that operate in the area appreciate the fact that the employees working in the Lahti region are strongly committed to their work, and the employee turnover rate is low. 
Businesses that relocate to the Lahti region also receive support in finding skilled employees and managing recruitment. Read more about Lahti All Inclusive relocation services


Boosting business
with networks

In the Lahti region, networking is goal-oriented and based on existing needs – and, above all, oppor­tunities. Cooperation between public operators and businesses in the Lahti region has produced cooperation networks and joint projects that provide concrete financial benefits to businesses: new customers, partners, new products or savings in marketing costs, for example.
Networking may involve such things as researching the Asian market with a particular company group, participating in a maritime trade fair and events in Finland and Europe, preparing a joint brochure or video, businesses having a joint presence at the Subcont­racting Fair, or conducting joint product development and research projects. 

Read more about networks:  Päijät-Häme Grain Cluster | Lahti Region Maritime Cluster | Lahti GEM - electronic transport cluster | Lahti Sport Hub 


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