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Lahti is Finland’s youngest university city. When LUT University’s official name was changed to Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology in 2019, it marked the birth of a new university city in Finland. One of the university’s two main campuses is located in Lahti. 
The Lahti region has educational oppor­tunities and skilled people at all levels of education. LAB University of Applied Sciences and Salpaus Further Education, which offers upper secondary education, are among the largest educational insti­tutions in Finland. The University of Helsinki also has environmental research and teaching activity in Lahti. 

LAB campus from the inside, groups of chairs with people and a student cafe.

LUT University

Clean energy, water and air are conditions of life for which Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT) seeks solutions based on expertise in technology and economics. The research conducted by the university helps society and businesses evolve sustainably. LUT University’s inter­national science community has 6,500 members, and it has campuses in Lappeenranta and Lahti. 

In Lahti, LUT University conducts research related to fields such as biorefining, sustai­nability science, management, service innovation and digital business. Lahti currently offers three bachelor’s degree and eight master’s degree programmes. One new field of research launched in 2022, when LUT establishes Finland’s first profes­sorship in electric traffic in Lahti and launches a master’s degree programme in electric traffic.

University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki has been operating in Lahti since the 1970s, and it established an environmental research unit in Lahti in the 1990s. Currently, there are approximately 70 researchers and experts in life and environmental sciences working in Lahti. Research at the inter­national level is being conducted in Lahti on subjects such as urban environments and the conta­mination and treatment of water and soil. 

The University of Helsinki also coordinates the Lahti University Campus, which is a colla­boration platform of the universities operating in Lahti. The Lahti University Campus is in charge of the operations of the LUMA Centre of Päijät-Häme and Science Class SOLU, the purpose of which is to inspire children and young people to become interested in environmental sciences and technology. The Lahti University Campus operates at Lahti Science Park.


Niemicampus community space where people sit.
LAB campus staircase with people.

LAB University of Applied Sciences

LAB University of Applied Sciences operates in Lahti, Lappeenranta and online, specialising in innovation. At LAB, you can study health and social care, technology, business economics, tourism and hospitality, design, visual arts and visual commu­nication. LAB’s strengths include circular economy, design, innovation and welfare. LAB has more than 8,500 students and is the sixth largest university of applied sciences in Finland.

There are 5,000 students studying on the Lahti campus, and 400 of them are inter­national degree students. All of the students study under the same roof, regardless of their field of study. The Lahti campus is well-known for its inter­na­tionally renowned Institute of Design and Fine Arts as well as its research, development and innovation activities, which are supported by the top-notch circular economy laboratory completed on the campus in 2021.

Salpaus Further Education

Salpaus Further Education is one of the largest organisers of multi­disciplinary vocational education and training in Finland. Salpaus operates on five campuses in Lahti, Heinola and Asikkala.

Salpaus Further Education offers training towards initial, further and specialist vocational quali­fications. The education provided by Salpaus includes preparatory education for vocational studies, vocational education for athletes, and staff training and continuing education in different fields, among other things.
Salpaus acts as a partner for entrepreneurs, businesses and organi­sations in a changing world. Salpaus can provide new skills for your personnel and practical support with developing and managing your business. You can also meet future profes­sionals and receive help with recruiting skilled employees at Salpaus.

A performance in which a person hangs from the ceiling on a cloth. Other performers in the background.

The cooperation between educational insti­tutions and businesses is straight­forward and smooth in Lahti.

Research colla­boration, development projects, theses, internships, and training packages tailored to the needs of businesses arepart of everyday life. 

Skilled employees

Are you looking for new employees for your company? Find new experts in the Lahti region and advertise vacant jobs using various channels.

The Niemi area in Lahti is a meeting place for skilled
profes­sionals of the future!

The Lahti campus is a modern learning environment operating in a renovated factory property in Lahti. The unique facilities that inspire students to engage in a different type of learning and work were created by mixing old and new elements together. There are 5,000 students studying on the campus, and 400 of them are inter­national degree students. All of the students study under the same roof, regardless of their field of study.

The Niemi area is also home to Lahti Science Park, which brings educational organi­sations and companies together. The Science Park also offers meeting rooms and communal facilities for remote working, for example. 

The Lahti region gives you a leg up

The Lahti region offers an energetic arena for business, living and recreation. The unbeatable location, fast transport connections to the international market and wide range of services will help your company perform at its best.

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