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The Lahti Business Region is an attractive and evolving environment that is ready for new experiments and bold ideas.

Its central location in the logistics zone of Southern Finland, diverse business scene, communal business networks and interesting city culture create oppor­tunities for growth.

The Lahti region offers interesting developments and a wide range of business oppor­tunities. Read more about the sites under active development below.


Salpausselkä Sport Park

The Lahti Sports Centre, Kisapuisto Sports Park and Ranta-Kartano area form an active sports and fitness zone called Salpausselkä Sport Park, which offers recreational oppor­tunities in almost a hundred different sports and a setting for inter­national events.

Lahti sports center viewed from the air from the direction of the ski jumping tower. The center of Lahti can be seen in the background.

Lahti Sports Centre

The Lahti Sports Centre is a winter sports centre well-known internationally for hosting the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, among other things. It is also an arena used for numerous sports and events throughout the year. In addition to a sports stadium and ski jump towers, the area houses a combat arena, the Ski Museum, an ice rink, several restaurants, a conference centre, and an outdoor swimming pool that is open in the summer. Find more information on the VisitLahti website (in Finnish).

Lahti Sports Centre (in Finnish)open_in_new
The soccer field at the Lahti race park. The Lahti Historical Museum and downtown buildings can be seen in the background.

Kisapuisto Sports Park

Situated in the area between Lake Vesijärvi and the Lahti city centre, Kisapuisto is a traditional sports park. The objective of the area’s development is to ensure better conditions for competitive and recreational sports. In addition to the current sports and facilities offered by Kisapuisto, there are plans to build a new football stadium and event arena with a capacity of 5,000 that would meet the requirements for an UEFA category 3 stadium, as well as a synthetic ice rink and a full-size pesäpallo (Finnish baseball) field.

Lahti Kisapuisto Sports Park (in Finnish)open_in_new
Observational photo of Ranta-Kartano.


The new Ranta-Kartano area located next to Kisapuisto, in the western part of the Lahti city centre, is bounded by Fellman Park and Pikku-Vesijärvi Park, which ends at the shore of Lake Vesijärvi.
In addition to housing and business premises, the plans for the area include a hotel, spa and entertainment centre complex. A water sports centre is also in the plans for the area.

Ranta-Kartano area (in Finnish)open_in_new
Computer image of the KymiRing track.

The KymiRing area is being developed into a versatile event arena

KymiRing is the leading motor racing circuit in the Nordic countries, and it will meet the highest requi­rements of FIM and FIA in the future. The 4.5-kilometre-long track, 180-hectare motor racing centre and wireless Nokia DAC 5G system offer top conditions for motor sports and public events of up to 100,000 people.

KymiRing already offers many oppor­tunities for businesses, such as a vehicle testing and product development environment. It will also offer new business oppor­tunities later on as the area expands.

The future development plans for the area include a separate driver training and vehicle testing environment, featuring a track for practising braking and giving way, different terrain shapes such as uphill and downhill, a curved track, various surface materials, and test drive facilities that allow for automated driving systems, among other things.

Niemi – from an industrial and harbour area into a campus area

The conversion of the Niemi area on the shore of Lake Vesijärvi from an industrial and harbour area into a campus area continues actively. The area is home to the Lahti Science Park, among other things, and the modern campus area operating in a renovated former industrial property of Isku now houses LUT University, the Lahti University Campus and LAB University of Applied Sciences. Both campuses in the Niemi area house teaching and business activities.

The future vision is that Niemi will be a functional area combining jobs, education, research and housing as well as recreation, boating, beaches and green areas.
The shoreline is also a significant area with regard to boating and other recreational use. The plan is for the lakeside route from Jalkaranta via the Vesijärvi Harbour and Sibelius Hall to also continue uninterrupted through the Niemi area to the Mukkula Manor Park area.

An aerial view showing almost all of Ruoriniemi and Lake Vesijärvi in ​​the background. In front of you is the Nieme factory area, where the Viking Malt factory is located.
Small planes at Vesivehmaa airport.

Lahti-Vesivehmaa Airport – oppor­tunities for businesses and enthusiasts

Lahti-Vesivehmaa Airport is a local aviation centre located in Asikkala, roughly 20 minutes north of Lahti. Practically every form of sport aviation is represented at the airport. The airport also serves as a base for extensive education in aviation: pilot licences for gliding, powered flight and ultralight aviation, as well as flight instructor training for powered aircraft and ultralight pilots. 

The municipality of Asikkala and the City of Lahti have a shared vision for the area’s development. The municipality of Asikkala has launched the preparation of a master plan for the airport area. The future vision includes such things as a broader range of recreational and business activities around the airport, which could also benefit tourism and business.

Lahti-Vesivehmaa Airport is a little over 10 minutes away from the junction of the Lahti–Helsinki highway. The new Metsä-Aakala business area is being built near the airport along main road 24.

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