The Kukonkoivu business area is just a 10-minute drive from Lahti, west of the municipal centre of Hollola. The area is situated near Riihimäentie and the Lahti Southern Ring Road on main road 12, offering quick routes to the Helsinki metro­politan area, an airport and harbours. The services of the municipal centre of Salpakangas and the Hopeakallio business area are available nearby.

The Kukonkoivu area is a lively hub of industrial and land transport activities, and the area is home to logistics companies, such as Speed and Suomen Kaukokiito, and businesses specialising in precast concrete, such as Ruskon Betoni, Pielisen Betoni, and Raken­nusbetoni- ja Elementti, among others.

A little over an hour’s drive away from Helsinki

Next to the junction of the Lahti Southern Ring Road

Spacious plots ready for construction

The area is not located in a groundwater area


Kukonkoivu is located near the Lahti Southern Ring Road on main road 12, offering smooth and fast transport connections for businesses relocating to the area. 


The top location, residential environment near nature, and investments in the business environment have boosted Hollola’s growth. The growing and evolving municipality of Hollola, with a population of over 23,000, is well-known for the Messilä Ski Centre and golf courses, among other things. Hollola also offers magnificent lake landscapes and sceneries for hiking – thanks to Lake Vesijärvi, which connects to Lake Päijänne, and the numerous small lakes with clear water. The municipal centre of Salpakangas is located approximately 10 minutes away from the Lahti city centre.

The vibrant Hollola boasts an active business scene and many manufacturing businesses, such as SEW-Eurodrive, which specialises in drive technology; the fitness equipment manufacturer Dinox; and Calefa, which develops energy-efficient solutions; as well as transport companies such as HopLog and Inter Kuljetus.


The slopes of Messilä in an aerial view at sunset.

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