Located in Asikkala near the municipal centre of Vääksy, across the street from Kanavagolf Vääksy, the Pasolanharju business area offers space for new businesses in the middle of a beautiful esker landscape. The area is located in the immediate vicinity of main road 24, approximately a 20-minute drive from Lahti and five minutes away from the municipal centre.

The local landmarks include the Viipu­rilainen Kotileipomo bakery and pastry shop, which is well-known for its delicious bakery products made of local grain and for its innovative oat products. The area is also home to the window and door supplier Kanavan Lasimestari, which is situated across the street from the legendary Rapala fishing lure factory buildings.

Suitable for small-scale industry and trade

Fast transport connections, in the immediate vicinity of main road 24

Approx. 20 minutes away from Lahti

Municipal centre’s services available nearby


You can also rent coworking office spaces for temporary or permanent use in Vääksy, Asikkala.


With a population of a little over 8,000, Asikkala is a municipality well-known for its beautiful natural environment, such as Pulkki­lanharju Ridge, Kalma­rinranta Beach and Vääksy Canal. Asikkala’s location between two large lakes – Päijänne and Vesijärvi – has attracted businesses in industries such as the travel and manufacturing industries to the area. Examples of these businesses include Rapala, the best-known fishing gear manufacturer in the world, as well as Rapala’s subsidiary Marttiini and Finlandia Uistin Oy.

Other interesting companies include the door manufacturer Jeld-Wen, which is part of an inter­national company group; Viipu­rilainen Kotileipomo; Kanavan Panimo; and EL-Kori, which manufactures refri­gerator trailers for food transport.

Aerial view of Vääksy, Vesijärvi on one side, Päijänne on the other and a channel connecting the lakes in the middle.

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