The Taulu business area is situated in a logis­tically advan­tageous location in Padasjoki, in the immediate vicinity of highway 24 between Lahti and Jyväskylä, approximately 45 minutes north of Lahti.

The area offers several vacant plots that can be combined and divided according to the needs of businesses. There are a number of interesting businesses operating in the Taulu business area, such as the furniture companies Eimi Kaluste and Puulon, as well as Rautanet, Padasjoen Metalli and Padassähkö.

Completed municipal infra­structure and district heat

Plots on rocky ground in the immediate vicinity of main
road 24

The plots are accessible via a street network suitable for heavy vehicle traffic

Affordable prices



Padasjoki is home to the active Padasjoen Kehitys Oy, which supports new and existing businesses in cooperating with the other development and educational organi­sations in the area. See the brochure for the municipality of Padasjoki (in Finnish).


Located on the shore of Lake Päijänne, Padasjoki is well-known for its beautiful nature, the island of Kelvenne and its splendid sandy beaches in Päijänne National Park, the Evo Hiking Area, and the beautiful harbour that serves as the final destination of the Päijännepurjehdus sailing race, among other things. The municipality has almost 3,000 residents, but the population multiplies during the holiday home season.

In addition to travel businesses, the municipality is home to several other interesting businesses, such as Eimi Kaluste and Puulon, which are known for their design furniture; Jäämestarit, which specialises in sports construction; Padasjoen Metalli, a machine shop that does commission work; the tofu cheese manufacturer Tofumoon; and Nimipyyhe, a store and webshop that sells crafts supplies and towels with embroidered names.

The municipality of Padasjoki also offers plots for businesses outside of the municipal centre and Taulu business area! Ask for more information!

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