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The Lahti region has several modern and versatile office clusters and coworking production spaces that offer space and services for businesses of different sizes, regardless of their situation. 

The facilities available include options for permanent premises and temporary use alike, such as remote works­tations for employees and entrepreneurs, and temporary offices and meeting rooms for freelancers and people visiting the Lahti region on a business trip. The range of services and facilities covers everything from hundreds of square metres of business premises and production facilities to a postal address and P.O. box service.

Askonalue – modern poise in a retro setting

The Askonalue area is part of the history of Lahti’s furniture industry, and there are more than 300 businesses representing different industries operating in the Askonalue business cluster today. The area offers premises for businesses of all types and sizes. The businesses operating in the area include expert and service companies, logistics and warehouse users, and production companies. 

Askonalue’s services include café and restaurant services, meeting rooms, and event and banquet facilities. Askonalue is situated at a top location next door to the Lahti Travel Centre, and the area combines a wide range of private and public transport services.

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CatMarina office hotel

The fresh, renovated and affordable premises of the office hotel CatMarina are located on Ahjokatu in Lahti, along good transport links. Free parking spaces can be found immediately in front of the office hotel or in the courtyard. It is also easily accessible by public transport.

The office hotel has 1-2 person study rooms, coworking spaces and tables, as well as a large meeting room for 40 people, which is also great for parties. Meeting packages available. You can reserve and pay for the facilities conveniently online.

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Crazy Town - Learn together, go further

Crazy Town Lahti offers flexible office space for rent in Kulmalantalo (Aleksanterinkatu 16) in the center of Lahti. In addition to space, you get support for the growth of your company and everything you need for expert work.

The business community gathers experts, fast-growing startups and teams of established companies under one roof to learn, develop and cooperate. The customer can use the facilities and services with one membership on a turnkey basis, similar to a software license or a gym membership.

Welcome to the national community of more than 400 companies, 85% of whose members do commercial cooperation.

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Dooroom - Let's doo it

Dooroom has modernised the stateliest banking hall of Lahti to meet the needs of business life and entrepreneurs. Dooroom is located on Rautatienkatu, in the heart of Lahti, only 400 metres from the Lahti Travel Centre. Dooroom offers workspaces that can be rented for days or years ahead.

Dooroom comprises offices, workstations, meeting rooms, an event space, the Kahiwila break room, and a P.O. box and street address service. Read more about all of the things that Dooroom can offer for your business’s needs!

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Hersapuu – wood processing plant

The goal of the communal Hersapuu cluster is to promote diverse wood processing operations and help companies grow and develop their business. This is done by bringing together companies that operate in the same industry and by offering them support services.

Hersapuu offers its cooperation partners office space and production facilities in a logistically advantageous location in Hollola. Hersapuu has almost 120 years of experience in mechanical wood processing and wood procurement, and decades of experience in international sales channels.

Hersapuu is looking for industrial and technology companies operating in the mechanical wood processing industry – companies that can cooperate with each other on a daily basis and that consider their shared experience and knowhow to benefit their business.


Isku Center – unique encounters

Isku Center is an ecological, modern and adaptable business centre in Mukkula, Lahti. Isku Center brings together the personnel of companies, the 5,000 students of LAB University of Applied Sciences and the next-door Isku factory, which is one of the most modern furniture factories in Europe.

Isku Center offers a wide variety of facilities for purposes ranging from production to storage and office use, as well as completed internal and external logistics connections.

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Lahti Science Park - room for businesses and higher education institutions

Almost 50 businesses from different industries and three higher education institutions operate at Lahti Science Park in the Niemi district of Lahti. The Science Park offers a wide range of high-quality facilities for different needs. You can also book facilities of different sizes for small meetings and large events alike. The facilities also allow for smaller events.
The Niemi Works coworking spaces completed in 2020 offer a versatile and comfortable work environment that combines versatility, practicality and comfort, offering customers a communal and cost-efficient way to work under a daily or monthly agreement – without a long rental agreement.

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Business Centre Kori – a basketful of professionals at your service

There is a bus factory built in 1945 located in Villähde, near Lahti. A ‘basketful’ of entrepreneurs from different industries have found their way to this rugged, atmospheric factory setting. Kori (lit. basket) offers facilities of different sizes that are suitable for use as business or production facilities and office spaces.

Business Centre Kori is easily accessible by public transport and personal car alike. The atmospheric setting with its meeting and banquet facilities is well-suited for holding various training or business events, for instance.

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Malski – perfect for me and you. Perfect for everyone.

Malski is a residential, business and cultural centre that opened in the Lahti city centre in 2020. This old Mallasjuoma brewery property was reborn as a hub of skilled professionals from different industries. Malski Office offers coworking spaces for small businesses, and larger office facilities for larger businesses.

Malski Office also offers a low-threshold option for testing the Lahti market area. You do not have to rent a large office alone, as Malski has facilities that you can use for meetings with customers and other purposes.

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Paja coworking space in Shopping Centre Karisma, easily accessible

Paja is a coworking space open for everyone free of charge, located on the second floor of Shopping Centre Karisma, next to the Lahti–Helsinki highway.

The remote workspace, equipped with chairs, tables of different sizes and individual workstations, includes Karisma’s free-of-charge Wi-Fi, and users also have access to electrical outlets for their electronics. Paja has lockable lockers for storing personal items.

The coworking space is available without reservation and open during the shopping centre’s opening hours: every day from 7am to 11pm, unless otherwise stated. Paja is also well-suited for business representatives visiting Lahti. Users of the coworking space have access to the shopping centre’s free-of-charge parking.

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Spatium Toimitilat – square and cubic metres as needed

Spatium Toimitilat offers office facilities, meeting and teamwork rooms, and comfortable sauna and sitting room facilities for rent on a day-to-day basis. Office, production and storage facilities are available for different needs under flexible agreements.

The meeting cabinets Jari and Ispi are located at the Lahti Sports Centre, while the Ilmari meeting and sauna facilities are located on Väinämöisentie. Business Centre Aktiivi in Nastola offers three meeting rooms of different sizes for rent. Each of these sites is easily accessible and offers good parking facilities.

Spatium Toimitilat offers square and cubic metres as needed, on a daily and yearly basis alike. Spatium manages a total of 100,000 square metres around Lahti.

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StartHub – one more reason to come to Lahti

StartHub is a startup centre opened at Isku Center in Mukkula, Lahti. 

StartHub provides services both for established startups and people who are considering starting a business. The centre offers facilities with approximately 500 square metres of space, available for use free of charge during the first steps in a startup’s journey. StartHub also organises training and events and provides startups with coaching and incubator services for developing their business, among other things.


Tevi Office – Malski’s urban brother in the Lahti city centre

The new coworking spaces of Tevi Office are located just a stone’s throw away from Malski. Tevi Office is situated at a top location on Vesijärvenkatu in the Lahti city centre, only a 10-minute walk from the Lahti Travel Centre.

The Tevi Office community boasts 28 office rooms that vary in size from 10 to 34 square metres. Tevi Office is the perfect work environment for everyone from individual remote workers to larger teams. For welcoming visitors, the community offers a comfortable lounge and kitchen, as well as several meeting rooms.

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Vääksy office hotels – Kustaankuja and Terveystie

The municipality of Asikkala offers office spaces for rent to businesses in the municipal centre of Vääksy. These office spaces and the associated services are available in two office hotels, located on Kustaankuja and Terveystie, respectively. The sizes of the office spaces vary from 10 to 29 square metres, and the services range from an internet connection to shared meeting and kitchen facilities as well as toilets and showers.

The beautiful municipal centre of Vääksy is located on the isthmus between Lake Vesijärvi and Lake Päijänne, approximately a 30-minute drive from Lahti.

The services available vary between the office hotels. See the municipality of Asikkala website for more information on the services, prices and contact information (website only available in Finnish).

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Also see the Lahti region premises directory

The Lahti region premises directory (only available in Finnish) allows you to search for suitable business premises or plots in the Lahti region, namely in the municipalities of Asikkala, Hartola, Hollola, Iitti, Lahti, Orimattila and Padasjoki.

The premises directory lists the vacant business and office premises and storage and industrial facilities intended for business use, as well as plots intended for commercial and industrial activities.

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Lahti has a great spirit! Small businesses pull together in the same direction and cooperate with each other more and more. Coworking spaces help entrepreneurs network with each other.

- Dooroom’s founder Tero O. Nieminen

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