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The Lahti region boasts several high-quality research facilities and laboratories as well as operating environments that can also benefit businesses in the region. The wide range of facilities provides solutions to the research needs of businesses, regardless of their size or situation.

3D printing laboratory

LAB’s 3D printing laboratory has a comprehensive selection of 3D printers of different sizes. Printing filament for FDM printers can also be produced in the plastics laboratory.

The laboratory is equipped with a Prusa i3 FDM printer, a Lisa powder bed fusion printer and an Anisoprint carbon fibre printer.

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Food laboratory

LAB’s food laboratory can be used to test and develop various foods and food production methods and to research and improve product properties. Small test batches can also be prepared in the laboratory for consumer testing.

The new operating environment, wide range of equipment and the experts of LAB will facilitate more agile product trials for actors such as the businesses of the Grain Cluster.

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Energy and circular economy laboratory

LAB’s energy and circular economy laboratories (EKI) include both a large-scale working space and an analytical laboratory.

The large-scale workspace can be used for more extensive testing, piloting and process development. In turn, the analytical laboratory is used for the laboratory testing and research of different materials and processes.

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Separation technology laboratory

The Lahti campus of LUT University also has research equipment available for use by businesses, including an autoclave, a colour and brightness analyser and Somerville screen designed primarily for the paper industry, a pulp suspension device and mechanical pulp disperser, a rotary evaporator suitable for distillation and purification, a Schopper Riegler tester for measuring pulp properties and a wood chip classifier for chemical and mechanical pulp production. 

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FabLab from the inside.

Fab Lab Salpaus – workspace for digital product manufacturing

Fab Lab Salpaus serves as a workspace for creativity, invention and learning for the students of Salpaus and, by separate reservation, for businesses as well. Use of the equipment in the facility is free of charge in accordance with the Fab Lab policy.

The workspace can be used for modelling, laser cutting and engraving, water cutting, vinyl cutting, CNC machining and 3D printing. A 3D scanner and a small robot arm are also available for programming experiments.

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Health and welfare simulation room

LAB’s health and welfare simulation room is suitable for practising skills and interaction in various situations in the workplace. The simulation room is suitable for purposes such as leadership training, developing meetings and decision-making, developing service channels, training in challenging customer service and sales situations, user-centred design and visualisation, and training in patient care situations in medical care.

Nordic Simulators' simulation training systems can be used to bring practicality to learning through various exercises.

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Equipment testing laboratory

LAB’s equipment testing laboratory provides equipment for testing various types of equipment and surfaces in accordance with the relevant standards. Research may be carried out on items such as room dividers, chairs, cabinets, tables, garden furniture, children’s furniture, kitchen furniture, mattresses and beds.

The laboratory can be used for furniture surface testing, environmental testing, product development testing, compliance testing, complaint investigation and analyses, method development, analysis of results, development proposals and reporting.

Companies can get support for product and process development through product development testing and expert services. 

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Soil Research Center Soilia

The Soil Research Center Soilia in Lahti, the first pilot-scale soil research centre in the Nordic countries, provides realistic conditions and facilities for basic scientific research on soil, sediments, groundwater and surface water, as well as applied research for companies’ product development.

Soilia rents out its research fields and equipment to companies, universities and research institutes. 

Soilia is owned by Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd and operated by the University of Helsinki Department of Environmental Sciences.

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Plastics and material technology laboratory

LAB’s plastics and material technology laboratory has a comprehensive range of equipment for testing material properties, such as rheological measurements, strength and heat resistance properties and material identification. 

The processing and recycling line consists of washing, separation and drying equipment and a twin-screw extruder for extrusion. The equipment can also be used to test the washability and separability of plastic materials over larger batches than normal laboratory conditions would allow. It is also possible to process recycled plastics on the line, and the twin-screw extruder in the recycling line can also be used for bioplastics research. 

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Wood technology laboratory

LAB’s wood technology laboratory includes product and material testing and product development services for wood products.

The laboratory can be used to heat treat and dry wood products, dry paper pulp, produce plywood and chipboard by using a hydraulic press, produce test sheet pieces, produce and test coatings, machine prototype and test pieces of wood products by using a 5-axis CNC machine, test product properties and durability and perform environmental testing.

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Textile and fibre laboratory

In LAB’s textile and fibre laboratory, standard tests can be carried out on fabrics, such as abrasion resistance, pilling resistance, colour fastness, dimensional stability and tear strength tests. Textile materials are identified by using both NIR and FTIR spectrometers.

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Environmental Laboratory in Lahti Science Park

The University of Helsinki has a laboratory complex in Lahti, the Environmental Laboratory. It is a dedicated research and development laboratory located in Lahti Science Park, with facilities for a wide range of chemical, biological, microbiological and molecular biological research.

Together with the Environmental Laboratory, companies can carry out studies that are outside the scope of commercial analytical laboratories. 

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Kempower Electric Mobility Research Center (EMRC)

Kempower, manufacturer of DC fast charging solutions for electric vehicles, and LUT University have jointly established the Kempower Electric Mobility Research Center (EMRC). EMRC aims to strengthen cross-disciplinary research on electric transportation and to develop education to meet the needs of future industry.
EMRC is located at LUT’s Lahti campus. The center advances science and education, cutting across the boundaries of virtually all of LUT University’s fields of specialization, from technology and business to social and communication sciences.


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