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The Lahti region has been at the forefront in environmental matters since the 1990s: we cleaned Lake Vesijärvi, were among the first to launch efficient recycling of waste, and invested in business and research related to the environmental sector. Today, we are one of the most significant clusters of environmental expertise and business in Finland, with two universities, a university of applied sciences and dozens of environmental businesses.


European Green Capital 2021

Lahti was the European Green Capital in 2021. The European Commission selected Lahti, based on a strict set of criteria and after a tough competition, to lead the way in European sustainable development. As a European Green Capital, we work with companies to create growth-oriented business and new, replicable environmental and circular economy solutions.

Finland aims to become carbon-neutral by 2035. Lahti is ten years ahead of everyone else: we will become carbon-neutral by 2025! Today, the CO2 emissions per resident are only approximately a fifth of the 1990 level. We also know what we still have to do, and we want to develop these solutions with the best business partners.

Putretti fertilizer in a glass bowl.

Circular economy innovations

The Lahti region has been at the forefront in the reuse and recycling of waste since the 1990s. Currently, the region utilises as much as 99% of the household waste generated. The time of fossil fuels came to an end in the city’s energy generation in 2019 with the completion of the new power plant of the energy company Lahti Energia.

We are constantly seeking business partners for Finland’s leading circular economy cluster, to participate in developing new circular economy solutions with other businesses, higher education insti­tutions and the city. We will help your business find the right partners, investment oppor­tunities and material flows in the Lahti region.

99 %

of household waste
is reused

0 %

fossil fuels
in the city’s energy generation


Lahti by 2025

In the photo, the PILLERI sorting station in Lahti is seen from above, seen from the air.

One of Finland’s largest circular economy clusters

The Lahti region is home to one of the most significant circular economy clusters in Finland, comprising dozens of businesses in the sector. Together they form a unique ecosystem in which the businesses benefit from each other and the proximity to each other. 
The Kujala Waste Centre processes approximately 200,000 tonnes of waste per year – the majority of which is reused as raw materials by other businesses in the region. Read more about the Kujala Waste Centre on the Salpakierto Oy website!

The picture shows research tools on a white research table.

Top-level research and education

Bioeconomy and circular economy is one of the focus areas in research conducted by LUT University. The subjects researched at the international level in Lahti include separation technology and sustainability change, among other things. 

LAB University of Applied Sciences produces energy and environmental engineers to tackle circular economy challenges. A new high-level circular economy laboratory is currently under construction, and it will also serve local businesses when completed. 

Read more about the energy and environmental research and education at LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences!

In the picture, Fazer's Aurora Beta Glucan in glass containers and Fazer's Aurora Oat Oil in a pump bottle.

New business from side streams

Projects are continuously underway in the region to seek new ways to utilise the side streams of industry and energy generation. We are looking for businesses which make use of side streams and develop technology and for which the Lahti region can offer outstanding opportunities to develop and grow new business.
Currently, businesses and higher education institutions in Lahti are partnering to research and develop new innovations related to food industry side streams, the utilisation of carbon dioxide and the use of waste plastic and textile, for instance.
Contact the circular economy team of Lahti Region Development LADEC!

In the picture, water research equipment in Vesijärvi in ​​front of a small island.

World-class water and soil expertise

Lahti has some of the best groundwater in the world and one of the largest groundwater areas in Finland. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that we also have world-class expertise in the maintenance and remediation of water and soil.

The restoration of Lake Vesijärvi is an inter­na­tionally well-known success story. The conta­minated lake was successfully remediated through cooperation between the City of Lahti, businesses and the University of Helsinki. It resulted in a significant urban environment and human ecology research cluster being established in Lahti. The water and soil expertise of Lahti is conti­nuously being utilised around the world.

Most of the population of Europe live in cities similar in size to Lahti. This makes Lahti an excep­tionally good environment for developing and testing solutions that improve the quality and sustai­nability of urban environments. We are conti­nuously looking for new, innovative partners to join us in these efforts!

Aerial view from the direction of the main entrance of Lahti Science Park.

Lahti Science Park

Located near the centre of Lahti, Lahti Science Park is a significant business and research cluster in the environmental sector.

The Science Park houses the human ecology research unit and large laboratories of the University of Helsinki, the largest commercial water laboratory in Finland and several businesses in the sector. The businesses operating at Lahti Science Park include Ramboll Finland, Eurofins, AFRY and Sansox, among others.

The Science Park is located right next to the joint Lahti campus of LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences.

Lahden Tiedepuistoopen_in_new
In the photo, a laboratory worker handles test bottles at the table.

International-level environmental research

The University of Helsinki’s human ecology research activities are concentrated in Lahti. Today, this unit of international renown is researching subjects such as the restoration of contaminated soil and groundwater, stormwater management in cities, and the utilisation of algae.

The university has a high-level environmental laboratory in Lahti. The facilities allow for a wide range of chemical and molecular biological analyses to be conducted – also to support the product development efforts of businesses. 

University of Helsinki in Lahtiopen_in_new
A close-up of the glass window of the Soilia research center.

Opportunities for product development and testing

Located in the Jokimaa district of Lahti, Soil Research Center Soilia offers a research environment that is high level by international standards. It provides real-world conditions for studying soil, groundwater and surface water and developing new restoration methods.

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Companies of the Päijät-Häme

Grain Cluster are pioneers in circular economy


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