Functional logistics means flexible and fast transport connections, but it also involves the development of storage and sorting solutions, putting the finishing touches to products and specialising in the logistics needs of different product segments. 

Relocating to the Lahti region is a smart move. Here, your business can get the location advantages of the Helsinki metro­politan area with less traffic congestion, more room and signi­ficantly better cost efficiency, as part of the region’s evolving logistics ecosystem. 


Unbeatable location

The Lahti region is a transport hub where road and rail networks running south to north and east to west meet. The highway linking Lahti and Helsinki and the Kerava–Lahti railway line connect Lahti closely to the Helsinki metro­politan area. 80% of the Finnish market is within a 1.5-hour radius of Lahti, while an inter­national airport and harbour are an hour away. 

Southern ring road and business areas

The Lahti Southern Ring Road on main road 12 creates new oppor­tunities for businesses and has further improved the position and connections of the Lahti region in terms of logistics. There are plots available in logis­tically advan­tageous locations in the ring road zone.


Manufacturing industry & trade

The Lahti region is a strong commercial hub and one of the most significant manufacturing industrial clusters in Finland. These factors create business oppor­tunities for other types of business, particularly for operators in the logistics sector. 


Skilled employees for businesses

Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT) and LAB University of Applied Sciences support the product development and research efforts of logistics businesses, and they train new skilled employees for businesses together with Salpaus Further Education.

Development environment

The convertible and compre­hensive track environment of the KymiRing motor racing circuit in Iitti in the Lahti region can be used for different types of driver training and equipment testing.  


Developing logistics ecosystem

The logistics ecosystem of the Lahti region benefits from the region’s excellent location in relation to the Helsinki metro­politan area and the fact that the entire region is located near the domestic market and inter­national harbours and an airport. Combined with the development of new road and business area infra­structure and the area’s cost efficiency, this location benefit makes the area highly functional and attractive for trade, businesses in the manufacturing industry that require logistics, and businesses that provide logistics services. 

The area’s diverse logistics ecosystem also combines the development of competence, the training of logistics experts, developing testing capabilities, businesses specialising in logistics solutions, special expertise in such things as furniture and clothing logistics, a compre­hensive service network for the needs of heavy-duty vehicle traffic, the development of logistics chains, and manufacturing businesses in the logistics sector.

New Lahti Southern Ring Road – new logistics zone in Southern Finland

All of the business areas located near the Lahti Southern Ring Road on main road 12 and the efficient transport connections to the Helsinki metro­politan area make this area one of the most significant logistics zones in Finland. The business areas located in the immediate vicinity of the ring road include the Pippo-Kujala business area in Lahti, the areas of Paassilta-Hopeakallio, Nostava and Kukonkoivu in Hollola, and the Pennala area in Orimattila, south of Lahti. 

•    Efficient and fast transport connections to Helsinki’s harbours and airports
•    Signi­ficantly improves transverse transport connections in Finland
•    Increases the reliability of transport operations, brings cost savings
•    Approximately 20,000 cars daily
•    One of Finland’s largest road projects

Top location for a business – the businesses in the ring road zone include Hartwall, for example; Viking Malt has invested EUR 100 million to construct a malthouse in the area; Fazer announced a huge investment into a confec­tionery factory in May 2022.


Education and expertise


Educational organi­sations

Salpaus Further Education produces logistics profes­sionals with different types of degrees for the needs of businesses. If necessary, training programmes can be customised to meet businesses’ needs.

LAB University of Applied Sciences offers bachelor of business admini­stration (BBA) degrees in business economics and logistics and trains profes­sionals specialising in healthcare logistics, among other things.  Both of these educational organi­sations are also strengthening their training that supports expertise in electric transport.


Profes­sorship in electric trans­portation

LUT University’s profes­sorship and research team in electric trans­portation in Lahti ensure that Finland will obtain the latest research data on electric trans­portation to a sufficient degree.
A master’s degree programme in electric trans­portation systems will be launched in 2022 to meet businesses’ need for skilled employees. 


KymiRing test track and educational cooperation

Located in Iitti, KymiRing offers driver training for different types of vehicles, from personal cars to heavy-duty vehicles, in its 180-hectare circuit area. The convertible and compre­hensive track environment allows for all types of driver training. The circuit is also perfect for vehicle testing. KymiRing is open all year round, allowing testing to be carried out in all of the extreme weather conditions that occur in Finland.

At the forefront of green logistics of the future

Lahti GEM – the Lahti Green Elect­ri­fication of Mobility Cluster – serves as a cooperation platform for businesses, educational insti­tutions, research institutes and cities. The cooperation platform fosters the utilisation of the business and RDI oppor­tunities offered by electric transport and builds solutions to the shortage of skilled labour.

Are you interested in the Lahti region and Lahti GEM? Visit the Lahti GEM website:

Lahti GEM - Green Elect­ri­fication of Mobility Cluster

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 “This city is growing and evolving.”

- Pekka Timonen, Mayor of Lahti


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