Manu­facturing industry


The changing and evolving industry is one of the strong cornerstones of the Lahti region’s business scene. It brings jobs and significant investments to the region and also creates growth potential for other new sectors.

The strengths of the entrepreneurs and manufacturing industry in the Lahti region include nationally and inter­na­tionally well-known brands, the ability to change, family businesses and close networks.

Regardless of the sector, industrial manufacturing takes advantage of the local design expertise, develops production processes to be more environ­mentally responsible, and sees to it that materials and products are recycled.



The Lahti region’s location and transport connections are ideal from the perspective of the inter­national export market: 10 million people within a 3-hour radius and an inter­national airport and harbour a little over an hour away.



The Lahti region is home to approximately 10,000 businesses, which guarantees a high level of service in the region. Functional supplier and partner networks facilitate efficient cooperation and colla­boration.

Cost level

The costs of business premises and storage facilities are affordable for manufacturing industry businesses that require space. The cost level is approximately 40% lower than in the Helsinki metro­politan area.


Functional logistics

The Lahti region combines the factors critical to efficient logistics: fast transport connections, top location, the management and storage of a wide range of material flows, sorting, finishing products, and equipment maintenance services.

University city

Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT) and LAB University of Applied Sciences support product development and research, and they train new skilled employees for businesses together with Salpaus Further Education.


Design and digita­lisation are strategic spearheads of the Lahti region. The inter­na­tionally renowned LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts produces profes­sionals in design, visual arts and visual commu­nication for the private sector’s needs. The utilisation of design expertise is promoted through colla­boration projects between businesses and students. 

Orfer robotic automation solutions.

Smart steel

Mechatronics is a significant industrial sector for the Lahti region, with a turnover of approximately EUR 1.4 billion, roughly 6,000 employees and approximately 700 businesses. The mechatronics industry in the Lahti region combines traditional metal and mechanical engineering with modern ICT and electronics expertise and design expertise, creating ‘smart steel’.

The mechatronics businesses in the Lahti region manufacture machines and equipment for the needs of the forest-based industries, shipbuilding and healthcare, among other sectors. Products are exported to the inter­national market – from top-class welding equipment to wheels for heavy-duty machinery and environ­mentally efficient heating solutions. There is also a group of businesses focused on the industrial supply industry in the Lahti region. These businesses ensure, for their part, the uninterrupted operation of the production chain of national and inter­national businesses.

Desire & ability

to change  

Turnover of industry

EUR 3.9 billion  




partner networks

Wood and furniture industry hub

Most of the manufacturing of interior design and furniture solutions for homes, offices, cruise ships, schools, hospitals and other public spaces in Finland still takes place in the Lahti region. Important factors in furniture design and manufacturing in Lahti include durable and beautiful design, environmental friendliness, the recyclability and innova­tiveness of products, and the use of antimicrobial materials, among other things.

The Lahti region combines long-standing traditions and expertise in the wood and furniture industry with family businesses and local production of wood material.

The manufacturing of furniture, timber and lumber employs more than 2,700 people in the Päijät-Häme region, and the turnover is more than EUR 800 million. The mechanical forest industry, research & product development and manufacturing, is one of Päijät-Häme's most significant export industries.

Green and blue Pedro armchairs, rock wall in the background.
Volar Plastic's composite column in the lobby.

A versatile industry

The Lahti region has the most diverse industrial structure among Finland’s major cities, which is also evident in the structure of the local manufacturing industry. Other significant lines of industry in the Lahti region include the food industry and plastic industry, as well as the paper and cardboard industry, which has a turnover of approximately EUR 230 million.

Grain-based food industry is a special strength of the Lahti region. The businesses in the Päijät-Häme Grain Cluster have a turnover of approximately EUR 600 million and employ approximately 3,000 people. Read more about the food industry of the Lahti region.

The plastic industry has a turnover of more than EUR 300 million and employs more than a thousand people. Lahti is home to Muovipoli Oy, which offers product development and testing services for plastics and plastic products. The company’s plastic testing laboratory supports product development and participates in quality control. Muovipoli Oy have participated in research projects focused on bioplastics, biocomposites, nanomaterials and recycling. Read more about Muovipoli Oy.

Lahti Region Maritime Cluster

The Lahti region boasts a wide range of expertise and products that are utilised in the shipbuilding industry – from theatre equipment for luxury cruisers to the treatment of seawater and air condi­tioning solutions.

The Lahti Region Maritime Cluster is an open and active network of more than 100 businesses, which work together to seek new oppor­tunities and markets – in the Finnish shipbuilding industry and the global market alike. The Maritime Cluster combines several different sectors, particularly the manufacturing industry, ICT and design.




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