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The toughest sports city in Northern Europe is also a top location for businesses related to sports, fitness and wellbeing. The Lahti region has a particularly solid network of businesses engaged in the manufacturing of sports and recreational equipment, the training and coaching of athletes, and the manufacturing of health technology. Businesses that have set out into the world from the Lahti region include the sports clothing manufacturer Luhta; the sports equipment brands Gymstick and Dinox; the fishing gear manufacturer Rapala; Startex, which is well-known for its skiwaxes; and the health technology manufacturers Merivaara and Fysioline Production.

In the future, we will become an even stronger inter­national sports business hub. The Lahti region combines top-class facilities and the product development and testing oppor­tunities they provide with high-class education and research, inter­national networks and an evolving startup ecosystem. The investments of approximately EUR 150 million that have already been decided are just the beginning.

Inter­na­tionally renowned 
city of winter sports

Lahti has hosted the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships for a total of seven times – more times than any other place in the world. Lahti Stadium and the surrounding ski trail network spanning more than 200 km are well-known around the world.

Diverse range of facilities 
offered by a city of sports

More than 400 sports, over 200 annual sports events, and the best conditions in the Nordic countries. Within walking distance of the centre of Lahti, you can find an inter­national-level sports centre with an ice hockey and indoor sports arena, as well as the outdoor recreation trails of Salpausselkä.

Testing and research

Within a half-hour radius of the city centre, you can find two Olympic Training Centres – Vierumäki and Pajulahti – as well as the testing facilities of KymiRing, the only MotoGP circuit in Northern Europe with an FIA Grade One license. The downhill ski slopes of Messilä are 15 minutes away from Lahti.

Business and educational institution networks

The educational insti­tutions in the area support the research and product development activities of both manufacturing and service businesses. The extensive business and supplier networks guarantee a wide range of oppor­tunities for cooperation.

Location and transport connections

An excellent setting with fast transport connections to the Helsinki metro­politan area: one hour to an inter­national airport, the Helsinki city centre and the harbours of the Helsinki metro­politan area. 

Lahti Sports Hub billboard rendered.

Lahti Sports Hub

Lahti Sports Hub brings Finnish sports businesses and expertise together in one place. Our goal is to become an inter­national sports business hub and a versatile product development and testing environment. 

We facilitate sports business and innovations and help businesses network. Our aim is to grow the sports sector’s inter­national business and drive sports exports through our inter­national value chains. The conditions for various sports, expertise and research activities lay the foundation for product development and the commercia­lisation of innovations.

A gate to the inter­national market – we offer you direct access to sports business networks, investors and decision-makers in Europe and Asia. We help businesses find the right partners and channels in their target market.

Salpausselkä Sport Park 

Salpausselkä Sport Park is a unique cluster of sports, fitness and wellbeing near the centre of Lahti, on the shore of Lake Vesijärvi and next to the outdoor recreation trails of Salpausselkä. The Sport Park combines facilities for more than 50 sports and attracts approximately six million visitors in total to the area per year. In the next few years, investments of more than EUR 150 million will be carried out in the area.

Salpausselkä Sport Park offers your business a superb location to operate in an inter­national setting, at a hub of sports events and sports businesses. For investors, the region offers an opportunity to participate in developing a growing inter­national-level hub of sports and events.


Lahti Kisapuisto.

Top-class training, testing and product development

The Lahti region is home to two of Finland’s six Olympic Training Centres: Vierumäki and Pajulahti. They offer your business a unique opportunity to develop and test products and services with top athletes, exercise enthusiasts and normal visitors alike. More than 200,000 athletes train and carry out testing at these training centres each year.

The expertise of LUT University, LAB University of Applied Sciences and the Olympic Training Centres allow for top-class research and development cooperation and help you recruit new skilled employees for your company. 

Photo: Vierumäki


The Lahti Sports Hub has been involved in creating new business oppor­tunities for such things as exporting Finnish coaching expertise and winter sports equipment to China. 

Health technology

The Lahti region boasts solid expertise in the design and manufacturing of health technology products. Examples of well-known businesses in the sector include Merivaara, which focuses on operating room technology; Lojer, which manufactures hospital beds; and Jaccara and Fysioline Production Oy, which manufacture electric treatment tables.

The operations of these manufacturing businesses are also strengthened by the many other areas of the local manufacturing industry, the solid supplier networks of different sectors, and local design expertise. With regard to inter­national exports, the region offers the advantage of fast transport connections along congestion-free routes to the harbours and inter­national airport in the Helsinki metro­politan area. 


Merivaara doctors in the operating room.

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