Potential Foods to build a production line in Hartola for Nosht Energy Chews

Potential Foods is a manufacturer of stomach-friendly sports nutrition products aiming for inter­national growth. The company is now expanding its operations and relocating its production facilities from Helsinki to Hartola. The production line being built in Kiinteistö Oy Vasalli’s premises on Kustaantie will start operating this autumn.


Founded in 2018, Potential Foods is well-known for its Nosht Energy Chews, sports drinks and protein bars.

According to Markus Sali, who is in charge of the finances and the development of the operational activities of the company founded by Petteri Kankkunen, the new facilities facilitate the development of food industry innovations in line with the original idea.

“We are developing nutrition products that are easy to bring along when leading an active lifestyle. We want to make simple, healthy and tasty foods and beverages that encourage people to be more active and provide them with more energy for walking, trail running, and cycling, for example,” Sali says.


Expansion of production capacity brings new recruitments

Until now, the products of Potential Foods have been manufactured by subcont­ractors and at an industrial kitchen in Alppila, Helsinki. Markus Sali says that the production goals that will facilitate growth and expansion to the inter­national market required the company to set up its own production facilities. The company initially looked into vacant premises within approximately a hundred kilometres of Helsinki.

“We approached several regional development organi­sations. We were positively surprised by the service we received from Lahti Region Development LADEC. Our needs were understood immediately, and Head of Client Management Sari Kesäniemi genuinely wanted to find the perfect premises for us. We will at first recruit three people for production roles and two to three people for other roles. Sari and CEO of Kiinteistö Oy Vasalli Lea Raitala support us in recruiting personnel.”

“The transport connections to the Helsinki metro­politan area are smooth, and remote work and a hybrid life are part of modern working life.” - Markus Sali


“At first it felt like Hartola is too far from Helsinki, but I’m glad that we came to our senses. The transport connections to the Helsinki metro­politan area are smooth, and remote work and a hybrid life are part of modern working life,” Sali continues.
He is happy about the fact that the production of Nosht Energy Chews is now entirely in the company’s own hands, from raw materials to completed products.

“We currently produce a few dozen kilogrammes of energy chews per day. Once we get production going in our new facilities, our production capacity will increase manifold. We will also be able to reduce production waste and develop the packaging solutions to be better in line with the Nosht brand’s ideology,” Sali says.

CEO of Kiinteistö Oy Vasalli Lea Raitala says that Hartola is very happy about the company relocating to the municipality.

“The Kustaantie property was originally built for the needs of the food industry. It currently houses businesses such as the Kaura­leipomo Kakra bakery, which is located next door to the production facilities of Potential Foods. The property is so large that it still has room for a third operator of a similar size,” Raitala hints.

The new production facilities are situated along main road 4, across the street from the Jari-Pekka Hartola service station and next to Versowood and a Lehto Group building factory.

“We have strong confidence in Nosht products and hope for their success. We are trying to find partners for Potential Foods among operators such as berry and fruit mash manufacturers in order to support their operations,” Lea Raitala says.

www.poten­tialfoods.com | Hartola business area


Nosht is a Finnish brand that makes use of the latest research data on the gut microbiome and the way in which taste sensations affect all body functions through the nervous system in the design of its energy chews, protein bars and sports drinks.

No artificial colourings, preser­vatives or flavourings are used in the manufacturing of the vegan, gluten-free Nosht products that are suitable for a FODMAP diet; the strong flavours come from natural delicacies: ginger, chilli, fruit and Finnish berries.”


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