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The Lahti region offers an efficient option for businesses in the middle of the Finnish market, with good transport connections to the inter­national airport and harbours nearby.

Together with the surrounding munici­palities, Lahti – Finland’s youngest university city and the European Green Capital of 2021 – offers an energetic and unique arena for business, living and recreation.

The unbeatable location, fast transport connections to the inter­national market and wide range of services help businesses perform at their best. In Lahti, you are always part of a great team!

We assist businesses in all of the stages of the business’s life cycle and all situations – from the founding of the business and relocation to the Lahti region to your business’s growth stages.

Lahti All Inclusive Services

for smooth relocation

30-40 %

lower costs

80 %

of the Finnish market within 150 km


workforce stability

Through LADEC’s Marian Vainiomäki, we obtained useful contacts and help with finding temporary premises. The most important part of the cooperation was the sense that this city is genuinely happy to welcome us and ready to help us.

Ville Kukkonen, Sadex Oy

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