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    Lahti Business Region

Lahti is part of the Helsinki metro­politan area and among the largest growth centres in Finland. An unsurpassed location guarantees fast and easy transport in Finland, Europe and further into inter­national markets.

The youngest university city in Finland and the European Green Capital 2021 provides a top environment for growing and sustainable business as well as living and leisure.

There are fast connections to Helsinki Airport and the harbours in Southern Finland.

The easily accessible and cost-efficient surroundings together with the strong local networks and centres of excellence support companies on their way to growth and success.


Lahti – The European Green Capital 2021

The European Commission chose Lahti as the European Green Capital 2021. The award is proof of Lahti’s persistent work as one of the leading European environmental cities. Lahti has set an ambitious target: in 2025, it will be the first of Finland’s major cities to be carbon neutral. This is 10 years ahead of the national target and 25 years ahead of the EU target. To achieve this goal, Lahti will continue to work towards a sustainable future. 

In 2022, Lahti was selected as one of the 100 European pioneer cities to be part of the EU Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities.

The Lahti Region 

is home to over
200 000
inhabitants of whom

120 000
live in Lahti.

There are approximately
11 000


The Lahti region has been a pioneer in environmental matters since the 1990s: we cleaned Lake Vesijärvi, we were among the first to start efficient recycling of waste, and we invested in environmental business and research. Today, we are one of Finland's most significant centres of environmental expertise and business, with two universities as well as dozens of companies. Together they constantly develop new areas of circular business, such as utilization methods and applications for the side streams of industry and energy production. 

  • Finland’s most important business and innovation centre in the recycling industry. 
  • Recycling and waste utilisation has been developed since the early 1990’s. 
  • Top-level research supports development of new high-value products & solutions. 


The best groundwater in the world, the availability of key raw materials and an excellent logistical location are significant reasons why the Lahti region has one of the largest concent­rations of the food industry in Finland. Our leading companies, such as Fazer Group, Hartwall and Viking Malt, are investing heavily in new production facilities, R&D and circular economy. 

In the Lahti region, there are especially business activities that process grain - the beverage and bakery industry. The local Grain Cluster represents the entire value chain from grain farmers to industry and retail, with over 3000 employees and 600 M€ turnover.

  • Largest cluster of grain-related expertise in Finland. 
  • Pioneers in circular economy. 
  • High-quality research and product development. 
  • 165 M€ investments 2017-2023. 


The Lahti region is a pole position for the development of electronic transport solutions and new business. Here, the strong know-how of the vehicle industry, logistics, as well as electrical engineering and power electronics are combined into new applications that will revolu­tionize traffic and mobility. In the Lahti region, you are also at the center of traffic flows and logistics, offering excellent oppor­tunities to test and develop heavy traffic technologies and solutions.

Lahti GEM - The Lahti electric transport cluster is a cooperation platform for companies, universities, and cities to develop technologies and solutions for the elect­ri­fication of transport. The cluster already includes dozens of companies from the sectors of vehicle production, charging solutions, traffic digita­lization, logistics and energy production.

  • Strong expertise in logistics and heavy-duty vehicles. 
  • World-class technology in e-charging systems. 
  • Kymiring test environment for developing future e-mobility solutions. 
  • City of Lahti invests in sustainable mobility. 


Northern Europe's strongest sports city is also the number one location for business related to sports, exercise and well-being. Lahti brings together top-class sports facilities, product development and testing oppor­tunities, high-level education and research, inter­national networks and a developing startup ecosystem.

The Lahti region has a particularly strong business base in sports and leisure equipment manufacturing, training and coaching expertise, as well as health technology manufacturing.For example, the sportswear manufacturer Luhta, the sports equipment brands Gymstick and Dinox, the fishing equipment manufacturer Rapala, Startex, known for its ski waxes, and the health technology manufacturers Merivaara and Fysioline Production, have gone out into the world from here. 

  • Lahti is one of the leading winter sports cities in the world.
  • World class sports facilities and two Olympic Training Centers.
  • Brings together sports business and technology development as well as high-level expertise in training.
  • Gateway to the inter­national markets.



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